I Walk Through The Valley            

When I left off, I was a reformed drunk trying to learn a new path in life, and from that point I can say that I really have. I have been working in the construction industry now for years, and though many of my coworkers may still not know me, I can say that I have learned a lot about life through them. See, as I opened with in this blog, I live a pretty solitary existence, and most of it is by choice. I get invited out with the guys, I sometimes go to bars with them to watch baseball games, but I don’t order beer. I must seem like the weird one out of the group, and this fact doesn’t escape me. Maybe that’s why I work on this blog. It’s a secretive way for me to allow at least someone else to get to know me. I don’t have the capability to get into conversations like most other people, because a lot of my life has been, well, boring.

From the orphanage to Expedite Construction I haven’t accomplished a whole lot. I was in an orphanage, I got out, worked a bunch of lowly jobs, got drunk a lot, and then stopped. It’s a story I can share with most people in five minutes, and I can see the lack of knowledge concerning where to take the conversation next on their faces. I would rather people had to guess. What if they thought I was some kind of government spy, or an undercover boss watching their every move? It sounds stupid, but that’s a life that has some interesting stories.

I share my thoughts and feelings on here because maybe somewhere out there, there’s someone who just came back from work, who’s reading this and can connect to it? Maybe there’s someone else out there who doesn’t know how to begin to share. And if that’s the case, then I’m not totally alone in my thoughts and feelings. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not depressed, I love my life, my job, the Expedite Construction family I have, I just don’t know how to express that in a way that doesn’t seem boring. Call me introverted, heck you’d be right to do so, but I’m ok with that, and maybe you are too, and we can be fine in that assumption together.

I’m not sure where to bring my blog from here. I feel like I’ve done a pretty decent job introducing myself and sharing what’s been going on in my mind. I hope that you can still follow from this point though, as I move into day to day stories, or things I observe. We can call it an introverted guide to the world, or at least one persons viewpoint of it. No matter where I go from here, it’ll always be better than being back at the orphanage, and even though I miss some of my friends from there, I’m sure they all have their own stories going on.

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